Today’s #QualityTipTuesday post looks at cleanliness standards.  A Canada Select biennial inspection is a requirement of the Tourist Establishments License in Newfoundland and Labrador.  This inspection not only looks at the physical quality of the facilities, ie types of mattress, flooring, bathroom fixtures etc… but also at the Cleanliness and State of Repair of the accommodation.  Cleanliness and State of Repair includes a thorough inspection of furniture, beds/bedding, lamps, general cleaning, walls, carpet, windows and upholstery, washrooms etc…

When checking your guestrooms for cleanliness, ensure bureau drawers, tops of lamps and pictures have been dusted, and that cracked lamp shades are replaced. These are some of the areas that may get missed and could result in lost points on an inspection.

For a complete list of all the areas that are inspected for cleanliness, check out the Operator’s Manual!