Online Reviews

In this week’s Quality Tip Tuesday post, we look at peer reviews or complaints, comments, concerns.  No matter what you call them, if they’re negative, they not particularly encouraging to read.  But they do serve a purpose, because without them, how would you know how you’re doing?  I suppose guests could tell you in person or write an email, but online review sites tend to be more the norm these days.  And if it’s a positive comment, well you want the world to see that as well!

Positive or negative, you need to respond to all comments.  It doesn’t have to be a long letter response, just an acknowledgement and appreciation for the feedback if it’s a positive comment; or an apology and a sincere acknowledgement of the complaint.  Where possible, try to encourage the guest to speak with you offline so that you can appropriately address the concerns one on one.

Staying connected with your online review sites is important to show customers that you value their opinion.