“Pillow covers extend the life of a pillow by protecting against wear and tear, but more importantly, pillow protectors provide a healthier sleep environment by blocking fluids, moisture, dust mites, bed bugs and stains from penetrating your pillow. Pillow protectors are pillow covers or pillowcases with fabric technology that offers advanced features for your health and comfort. ” Protect-A-Bed

For this week’s #QualityTipTuesday we will have a look at pillow protectors.  As outlined above, pillow protectors provide a dual purpose in the hospitality industry.  Both from a financial perspective – to keep tourism operators from having to replace pillows more often than necessary; and also from a health and safety perspective – to prevent the transfer of germs between guests.  Ensuring pillow protectors are in place in roofed accommodations is just one of the minimum entry requirements that we look for in a Canada Select inspection.

So here’s to a clean, comfy pillow and a good night’s sleep!