Welcome Programs

Tourism Quality Assurance of Newfoundland and Labrador (TQA) are committed to providing a broad offering of quality assurance programming that will raise the level of quality and market readiness among tourism products and services in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Welcome Programs include, Pets Welcome, Cyclists Welcome and Motorcyclists Welcome. These voluntary programs are available to operators who choose to direct their marketing efforts to attract these unique markets. With the increase in travellers that are choosing different methods of travel, Cyclists and Motorcyclists Welcome Programs allow operators to demonstrate their commitment to enhanced services for these travellers in their marketing efforts. Tourism operators are interested in every competitive advantage they can leverage in their marketing activities.

Pets Welcome: Tourism operators provide pet owners with pet essentials such as food and drink bowls, leash, waste disposal bags etc…

Cyclists Welcome: Tourism operators provide additional facilities for visitors touring by bicycle such as bicycle racks, pump and tools, storage etc…

Motorcyclists Welcome: Tourism operators provide additional facilities for visitors touring by motorcycle such as motorcycle storage, clothes drying area, tools, etc…

By participating in the Welcome programs offered by Tourism Quality Assurance, operators will be able to use these designations to enhance their marketing efforts. Being validated for their ability to meet the needs and requirements of cyclists, motorcyclists and pet owners is important to tourism operators. In addition, travellers in these markets are looking for tourism services and attractions that cater to their unique needs.

Environmental Standards

With a focus on protecting our environment, the Green Destination designation will continue to grow in importance. Many tourism services and attractions are investing in environmentally friendly practices, however, there are few options to market / communicate these values and have them validated by a third party organization. TQA will work with partners of the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board to further define priorities around environmental sustainability and explore an environmental quality assurance program which can be offered to the tourism industry.


Travellers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador will identify with the seal of quality from TQA and will use the inspections and ratings as a benchmark which will assist them when making travel plans. Enhanced quality assurance programming will assist tourism operators and partners achieve individual and collective goals as outlined in Vision 2020.

Program Fee (annual)

Pets Welcome $50

Cyclists Welcome $50

Motorcyclists Welcome $50

* Participants of Canada Select and/or Camping Select qualify for a 50% rate discount.