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Information Session

Learn how an Access Advisor accessibility evaluation can help your business!  Come see us in Trinity, May 15, 2017, or Bonavista, May 16, 2017.

 Coming Soon

A range of Welcome Programs have been developed to enable operators to further market themselves in niche markets, and to guide consumers with a range of specialized interests to those establishments that pay particular attention to their varied needs. These programs include, Pets Welcome, Cyclists Welcome, Motorcyclists Welcome and Green Designation. Tourism Quality Assurance’s focus is to have welcome programs available as an option for operators who may want to use them to enhance their competitiveness in marketing in the near future. See our current programs.

Interesting Links

Some interesting statistics on Seniors Travel in NL:  2011 Visitor Exit Survey - Senior Travellers 65 plus
If you missed our regional presentation on Tourism Quality Assurance and Access Advisor, check it out here!
The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Tourism Product Development Plan was released May 2017.