Camping Select is a two-tiered system that rates both Facilities (F) and Recreation (R) for campgrounds giving visitors confidence that properties meet minimum national standards of quality. The ratings range from one to five stars and increase in half-star increments as the range and quality of facilities and services improve.

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About the Program

The Camping Select rating program was introduced in 1995 in the Atlantic Provinces with the cooperation of government agencies and the campground industry. The program was developed from extensive consumer research and is designed to meet consumer expectations at various star levels. The program has been adopted by Campgrounds-Camping Canada, the national campground organization comprised of the provincial campground associations, as its national rating program.

Two-tier Rating System

In Newfoundland and Labrador, a Camping Select rating is required in order to receive a Tourist Establishment License from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation.


Facilities for the property are rated based on items, areas and services such as:

  • Facilities (entrance, store, rest rooms, roadway/grounds, sewage disposal, hookups and sites)
  • Services (security, registration, laundry, food or beverage and firewood)
  • Quality (construction of the buildings, equipment, or amenities for use by the consumer while on-site)


Recreation for the properties are rated on items such as:

  • Water activities (pool, beach, wading pool, and slides)
  • Recreation activities (tennis, horseback riding, golf, horseshoes, fishing, play areas, games, and motorized activities)
  • Recreation (recreation buildings, games rooms, and recreational programming)

Higher star levels are achieved as Facilities, Services, Quality, Amenities and Recreational activities and services increase.

Clean and comfortable campgrounds without the extras.
“Mid-range" standard of campground facilities or recreation with various services and amenities.
Above average standard of campground facilities or recreation services and amenities.
Exceptional quality and great range of campground facilities and recreation services and amenities.
A 5-star property is the highest standard, offering outstanding facilities, recreation, amenities and quality.

Participation Fees

Participation fees are charges biannually. Fee structure is outlined below.

1-50 Sites
$115 + HST
51-75 Sites
$150 + HST
76-100 Sites
$185 + HST
Over 100 Sites
$220 + HST

For campgrounds with 20 sites or less, participation fee is $5.00 per site to a maximum of $100.

New properties are subject to a one-time file opening fee of $50.00 in addition to participation fees listed above.

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