Access Advisor is a program that verifies and designates accessibility levels; it consists of four designations and can be applied to any type of business, restaurant, tourism operation/experience – indoor or out – as well as communities and public/private facilities.

About the Program

Access Advisor is a program that works to change how businesses and organizations see, approach and understand accessibility in everyday situations. Accessibility is no longer viewed as solely a wheelchair issue, rather the degree to which a product, service or environment is available to as many persons as possible – crossing all age groups, interests, activity level and need.

Making a small change can make a big difference! It may be as simple as easing the tension on a door, installing a hand rail, using lever handles or ensuring assistance is available if requested. Every facility can become more accessible. Becoming a participant of the Access Advisor programs demonstrates your commitment to providing an accessible environment for all persons.

How the Program Works

In order to participate in the Access Advisor program, contact a member of TQA to arrange an inspection of your property or facility, or complete the online application form. An Access Advisor representative will contact you and make arrangement for a site visit to evaluate your facility on its current level of accessibility.

Once the evaluation of your facility/business is complete, you will receive a full personalized report detailing areas where your facility/business are accessible, as well as direction on how to improve accessibility. It is important to note that all reports will be kept in strict confidence.

Upon completion of the site visit, business can obtain up to three designation levels of accessibility:

  • partial or full accessibility
  • hearing accessible
  • sight accessible

In addition, your business will have access to:

  • a link on the Access Advisor website
  • Access Advisor accessibility verification JPEG images for use on your website
  • Access Advisor signage with accessibility designation to be displayed at your facility/business
  • being highlighted on Tourism Quality Assurance Newfoundland and Labrador Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • a press release narrative for your company to announce the new designation

Program Designations

By participating in the Access Advisor program your property will be evaluated on your current level of accessibility, and you will receive direction on how to improve your facility’s accessibility. The four designations are detailed below.

Access Advisor image to designate business is partially accessible

Partially Accessible

Business/facility is accessible or partially accessible to persons with varied levels of disability including difficulty with mobility, reflexes, and strength.

Access Advisor image to designate business is fully accessible

Full Mobile Accessible

Business/facility is accessible to persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or other mobility assistive device.

Access Advisor image to designate business is sight accessible

Sight Accessible

Business/facility is accessible to persons with partial sight impairment to total blindness.

Access Advisor image to designate business is hearing accessible

Hearing Accessible

Business/facility is accessible to persons with partial hearing loss to total hearing loss.

Program Fees

Evaluation fee $200 + HST *
re-evaluation every 4th year (Bi-annually for Canada & Camping Select Participants)
Yearly Participation Fee $80 + HST*
* Participants of Canada Select and/or Camping Select qualify for a 50% rate discount.

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