Today’s #QualityTipTuesday post looks at cleanliness standards.  A Canada Select biennial inspection is a requirement of the Tourist Establishments License in Newfoundland and Labrador.  This inspection not only looks at the physical quality of the facilities, ie types of mattress, flooring, bathroom fixtures etc… but also at the Cleanliness and State of Repair of the […]

Did You Know?

In addition to our mandatory programs (Canada Select / Camping Select), TQA also has voluntary programs that tourism operators can opt to participate in?  Welcome Programs are a great way to show your commitment to travelers that have specific needs, for example travellers with pets, motorcycle and bicycle travelers. Check out our Welcome Programs today. […]


Online Reviews In this week’s Quality Tip Tuesday post, we look at peer reviews or complaints, comments, concerns.  No matter what you call them, if they’re negative, they not particularly encouraging to read.  But they do serve a purpose, because without them, how would you know how you’re doing?  I suppose guests could tell you […]


Recently TQA received the following shout out from Inclusion NL on twitter…. While it’s great to have the recognition, more importantly, this tweet is more about letting businesses know the services that are available, to make their businesses more welcoming to seniors and persons with disabilities. Often how we think about disabilities is focused on […]


“Pillow covers extend the life of a pillow by protecting against wear and tear, but more importantly, pillow protectors provide a healthier sleep environment by blocking fluids, moisture, dust mites, bed bugs and stains from penetrating your pillow. Pillow protectors are pillow covers or pillowcases with fabric technology that offers advanced features for your health […]


If you have pet friendly rooms at your accommodation, and you want to wow the dog owner, consider sending the dog an email before their arrival!  Yep, you read correctly …. email the dog!  This gesture can go a long way to show your human traveller that you view their four legged family member as […]


    Our #QualityTip this week focuses on Camping Select ratings!  Did you know each campground receives 2 separate ratings?  One is for the Facilities ie Entrance, Registration / Check In area, Grounds, Laundry Facilities, Comfort Stations and the quality of the Sites/Services available.  The other is for Recreation which includes major activities such as […]

Mail Time!

When a traveller goes out of their way to send you a thank you note once they return home, well that’s an authentic experience right there!  Recently we received an email from a traveller that visited The Rooms, Gros Morne, both St. John’s and Deer Lake airports, Mistaken Point and Cape St. Mary’s to name […]


No doubt if you are doing business in the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador, you have heard the term TAP before!  TAP is the Tourism Assurance Plan.  Simply put, TAP outlines five minimum standards that every tourism business must meet in order to be included in the marketing strategy of NL Tourism or to […]

September is Guide Dog Awareness Month

Being in the service industry, tourism operators want to be able to accommodate all guests, inclusively. What do you do when a guest with a guide dog enters your establishment?  Should you help them…or would that be appropriate?  Came across this great article from CNIB on How to Accommodate a Guide Dog and their Handler which […]